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Congratulations! You've reached our brand new contest page, and you may still have a chance to enter our very first promotional giveaway. Here's the scoop:

If you're a true film fiend, you'll want to check out a special series from Warner Brothers that features behind the scenes footage and interviews with some of the studios' powerhouse directors. We're talking Scorsese, Eastwood, Kubrick and more. Get special insight on the celebrated filmmakers and their top-notch movies.

And if you share with us your favorite featured director/movie, you'll have a chance to win a digital bundle of Eyes Wide Shut, Mad Max: Fury Road, Goodfellas, Million Dollar Baby and The Green Mile.

TWEET us @TheCinemaClash using #ClashPrizes for a chance to own a digital copy of these classic films.

Good luck.

"Hollywood's Most Influential Filmmakers" rolls out on  September 15-23, 2020.


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